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EIS is a research group on Electronics for Instrumentation and Systems. The group PAI (Andalusian Research Plan) TIC-182 is composed of five doctors and three engineers. It is mainly devoted to smart sensors, and more specifically to smart tactile sensors and sensor networks.

We are especially interested in applications for rehabilitation or assistance to the disabled or elderly. The group has designed electronics based on ASICs, microcontrollers, PSoCs and FPGAs and also sensor networks with serial or wireless buses. The group has a laboratory equipped to carry out a high level research. It has been funded during the last years by the Spanish Government under contracts TIC2003-09817-C02-02, TEC2006-12376-C02-01 and TEC2009-14446-C02-01, by the Andalusian Regional Government under contract P06-TEP-01379 and through ordinary funding for groups, and under contracts with companies.


Plan Andaluz de Investigación (PAI). Copyright © EIS 2012. Grupo PAI TIC-182.