Characterization and modelling

We work in sensors based on polymers on flexible Printed Circuit Boards or made with screen-printing.

CaracterizaciĆ³n y modelado

These technologies are suitable to implement low-cost, medium-large area and medium-low resolution sensors. Different tactile sensors are characterized to know their performance in terms of linearity, hysteresis, mismatching between tactels, drift, etc.

The results are used in the design loop of new sensors. Moreover, they can be used to obtain information that allows building models for Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

This way it is possible to simulate different approaches without implementing them physically and this saves time and money. This procedure is specially required to develop sensors able to register not only normal forces but also forces that are tangential to the contact area. A common strategy to detect tangential forces in sensors based on silicon consists in using a few sensing elements per tactel instead of only one, then the mechanical design of the sensor is made in such a way that a tangential force causes the sensor units register different values. In summary, the normal force is got from an average value, and the tangential force is derived from the difference between the registered values.


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